• M&A + Coporate Develpment in LatAm

    Latin Partners is a boutique advisory firm, that focuses on mergers and acquisitions, corporate development and market entry in Latin America.

  • About Us

    Formed by entrepreneurs, investors, corporate development executives, consultants & investment bankers

    We are different

    Latin Partners is not a typical advisory firm. We prefer to be considered as “partners”.


    We are a combination of deal makers, business developers, co-entrepreneurs, co-investors, digital strategists, matchmakers, interim managers in Latin America (all in one-place).


    We like to share the value we create. This is also reflected in our compensation structure – a significant part of our compensation is result based.


    We are "your corporate development arm" in Latin America.


    Who we work with

    1) Fast-growing digital companies that have proven their business models –at least in their home markets- and are ready to expand to Latin America.
    Learn: How to Expand to Latin America


    2) Entrepreneurs looking for an exit strategy. We'll look for the right buyer for digital companies (financial or strategic buyers).
    Learn: How to Sell your Company


    Our sector expertise

    • Adtech & Martech
    • AR & VR
    • Data Analytics
    • Digital Agencies
    • Digital Publishing
    • Digital Video / OTT Services
    • eCommerce & Marketplaces
    • eSports & Gaming
    • Enterprise Software & SaaS
    • Fintech & Insuretech
    • Internet of Things
    • Loyalty & Rewards
    • Native Advertising
    • Performance Marketing
  • Our Services

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    Sell Side


    We work with sellers who are focused on maximizing the value of their businesses in the transaction, but who are also concerned about what happens the day after the deal is signed.



    Latin Partners specializes in the tech and media space. We understand the importance of the deal structure in companies whose shareholding is typically a combination of founders managing the company, angel investors and venture capital that entered the company in different phases and valuations.



    Post-M&A integration planning and strategy, negotiating reasonable requirements and restrictions on founders, and in general addressing the specific concerns of founders, angel investors and venture capital is a Bondo Advisors’ specialty..

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    Latin American Expansion

    Want to roll out operations in Latin America?

    We help leading digital companies with proven business models -at least in their home markets- to expand to Latin America de-risking the market entry.

    We work as co-entrepreneurs, co-investors, interim managers, advisors, deal makers and connectors (or a combination of all of them).

  • Sell your Company

    Maximize the valuation and probability of selling your company.

    Exit your company

    Because selling a company is one of the most important financial decisions you will ever make and each company is unique, we tailor the selling process to your company and your goals.


    When you engage Latin Partners to sell your company, you receive the total commitment of our staff, access to the many professional resources available to us, and a pledge of confidentiality. We work side-by-side with you and your people every step of the way. We take the time to explain the process when questions arise. We work to thoroughly understand your company and help you crystallize your company’s key selling points, allowing you to show your company in its best light.

    Our services for you as a seller include

    • Advice on pricing and market conditions
    • Assistance with strategic positioning of company
    • Preparation of marketing materials
    • Identifying and uncovering top potential buyers
    • Arranging visits and furnishing Information
    • Assist in negotiating and structuring the transaction
    • Monitoring due diligence and closing

    What to expect: How we work

    • Initial Discussions: We will talk with you on a confidential, no-obligation basis to help explore your options. Further discussions can be arranged on issues such as the best types of buyers or how to maximize the value of your company when you sell it.
    • Valuation: We assist you in determining the market value of your company to both strategic and financial buyers.
    • Preparation of Marketing Materials: We prepare a Confidential Offering Memorandum and other marketing materials that will position your company in a positive professional manner.
    • Maintaining Confidentiality: We make contacts from our office on a confidential basis, prepare offering materials carefully, and require Confidentiality Agreements from interested parties.
    • Identifying and Screening: We locate and screen potential buyers for you and spend the necessary time and effort to help them learn about your business.
    • Furnishing Information and Arranging Visits: We furnish information to prospective buyers and arrange meetings and visits to your company when appropriate.
    • Negotiating and Structuring the Transaction:  We assist in negotiations and the financial structuring of a deal to maximize your total economic value.
    • Coordinate the "Deal Team" of your attorneys, accountants and other professionals.
    • Monitoring Due Diligence and Closing: We help facilitate due diligence and follow through until the transaction is successfully closed
  • Expand to Latin America

    Roll out operations in a fastest-growing region.

    Your Partner in Latin America

    We help leading digital companies with proven business models to expand into Latin America. We work as co-entrepreneurs, co-investors, interim managers, advisors, deal makers and connectors (or a combination of all of them).


    Since 1996, we have been building, advising and investing a portfolio of well recognized, power brands such as .FOX (sales house of Facebook, LinkedIn and Zynga in Latin America), Demand Media International (eHow and Livestrong en Español and Portuguese), Hunt Mobile (Ad Colony/ Opera), among others.


    With a strong management team and a proven track record in operating digital companies across the region, we believe we are your ideal partner.

    Why Latin America?

    Latin America is one of the world’s fastest-growing regional economies, with steady annual growth rates higher than most developed countries and adoption rates of new technologies and social media well above mature markets.


    Taking your business to Latin America presents a big opportunity, but it isn’t always straightforward. You need to have a clear understanding of local culture, language, behaviour, and business regulations and practice.


    We help US, EMEA and APAC well established digital companies to tap the Latin American market. We also help Latin American companies that are leaders in a certain country, to expand to the rest of the Latin American continent. For example, from Brasil -Portuguese speaking market- to the rest of LatAm -Spanish speaking markets (and viceversa).


  • Our Team

    We are deal makers, co-entrepreneurs, co-investors, advisors and connectors who understand Latin America.

    Founded and run by former entrepreneurs, corporate development executives, investment bankers, consultants and investors that have been fully immersed in and have help shape the digital landscape in Latin America for the past 20+ years. So, we have been in the 4 sides of the table and understand the motivations of each side.


    Such invaluable experience and extensive relationships thought the industry with both strategic operators and financial sponsors are of immense value to Latin Partner’s clients as it helps them navigate the fast-changing digital landscape in Latin America and create superior value.

  • Press

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